Adult Faith Formation

Deacon Greg Ollick, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
770-923-6633 ext 121

We are called to know and live our faith. Even if you have been raised in the Catholic Church, your knowledge of your faith and relationship with the Lord need to be constantly enriched. Deacon Greg Ollick, Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation, welcomes anyone interested in presenting topics on the faith, book clubs or bible studies approved by the USCCB, or working with the RCIA program for people new to the Catholic Church. Classes are offered throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring. Contact Deacon Greg Ollick for more information.

Becoming a Catholic

The light of Christ keeps passing from one Christian to another.

If you know any non-Catholics who want to learn about the Catholic faith, please invitite them, and ask them to call Deacon Greg Ollick, at 770-923-6633.

We are Christ's mouth and eyes on earth to work for the Lord and spread the good news. Thank you for your evangelization.

Evangelization never stops!

It can’t ever stop because the Lord said after His resurrection that we should go, teach, and baptize all nations. A new group is forming now. If you are interested, please pick up a registration form on the Religious Education Bulletin Board and give it to your non-Catholic friend or relative. If you are Catholic and would like to work on the team, call Deacon Greg Ollick at 770-923-6633 ext. 121.