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Cursillo seeks to reveal God’s work in each of our lives and to help us to find new life in doing God’s work. The ministry begins with candidates’ participation in their first Cursillo weekend. These weekends occur twice yearly at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers. The Cursillo weekend emphasizes the fundamentals of Prayer, Study, and Action as means to walk closer with Our Lord. The goal of Cursillo is to promote leadership in the Catholic lay community through countless forms of self-giving and community involvement. Our parish Cursillo community meets monthly to renew the lessons of Cursillo at an event called Ultreya. During Ultreya, members break bread together at a pot luck dinner and follow with spiritual discussions highlighting the lessons available through Prayer, Study, and Action. In addition, many members of the Cursillo community meet weekly in small groups to keep these lessons more accessible in their daily lives.