Becoming A Dynamic Catholic

Being a "Dynamic Catholic" involves four things, as discovered in the research of Matthew Kelly, and the Dynamic Catholic Institute:

1) Daily Prayer - consistent time set aside for speaking and listening to the Lord, growing a personal relationship with Him,

2) Daily Study - a brief time set aside to read and reflect on Scripture, the Catechism, spiritual reading, the lives of the Saints, etc.

3) Generosity - a spirit of giving of our Time, our Talents, and our personal Treasure, that demonstrates a mind-set that all we have been given is to flow through us (not stop at us) for the benefit of all,

4) Evangelization - a willingness to tell others about your faith, how living it has changed you, telling others about the good spiritual books or music that affects you, inviting them to parish events or classes.

Click here to listen to a homily Fr. Sunny gave on being a Dynamic Catholic. Perhaps it will inspire you to "step it up a notch".