Becoming a Faithful Steward

You were made in the image and likeness of God, with a special set of blessings all your own.

Your special blessings were given to you for a unique purpose in God’s plan.

To be a good Steward, and to fulfill the job God intended you to do on earth, you must ask yourself:

  • What are the gifts I have been given? Am I using them for God’s purposes?
    • Time – 24 hours each day; 1440 minutes each day
      • What time do I currently give to God daily, out of love and gratitude, perhaps listening for His direction?
      • How could I better use my time daily to love God and neighbor?
    • Talents - abilities, strengths, hobbies, interests
      • What are my personal strengths and talents?
      • How could I use my talents for the building of God’s kingdom?
    • Treasure – financial blessings, material wealth
      • Do I consider the total financial blessings I receive and offer a just portion back to God for the work of the Church?
      • Based on what I currently give financially, could I give more?