What is Discipleship?

A “disciple” is a student; an avid follower of a teacher, who desires to learn and imitate his teacher’s teachings.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth to help us to understand God’s plan and to sacrifice himself to heal the sin of the world.

If we are to be Disciples of Jesus, we must:

  • KNOW our Faith – have a relationship with the Teacher, and learn what he has taught.
    • We do this through Prayer and Study.
  • LIVE our Faith – model our lives after the teaching of Jesus.
    • We do this through a Generosity of our resources of Time, Talent, and Treasure.
  • SHARE our Faith – continue to draw others to follow Jesus.
    • We do this through Evangelization – telling the stories of how God has worked in our lives makes us witnesses to his Truth.