Loyalty to the King of Kings

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Jesus is the King of the Universe! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. Unlike the earthly kings, Jesus the King rules with love and in humility. He is the fulfillment of the description of the Son of Man both in our 1st and 2nd readings of the liturgy. The Roman Governor Pontius Pilate recognized the unique kingship of Jesus in today’s Gospel where as the chief priests and the elders of Israel did not.

Pilate saw the power of Jesus the king but was afraid to acknowledge it for fear of losing his position. Like Pilate, today many people refuse to acknowledge the supremacy of Jesus the King for fear of losing their power and self-importance. The rise of Materialism and Secularism are pushing away Religious Faith and moral values. What has happened to the Faith and loyalty of the people to the King of Kings?

Only the light of Christ can dispel the darkness of evil from our society. Let us hold on to our belief in God and allow Jesus Christ to rule in our hearts and in our society. Only then we would begin to see the defeat of the evil
one. Being good stewards of Christ, let us continue the work of promoting peace, love and charity to all people
around us.

Happy Feast of Christ the King!



Fr. Sunny Punnakuziyil, MSFS
Pastor, SJN