Called to be Prophets and Disciples of Christ

15th Sunday In Ordinary Time

The twelve Apostles were given instructions by Jesus before they were sent on their mission. They were to go as poor and simple men, to be totally dependent on God’s providence. He also warned them in advance about the impending danger of rejection and even persecutions they might face. All the prophets of Israel also experienced rejections. In today’s 1st reading Prophet Amos was told by the king not to preach in Bethel, instead get out of the land of Israel. But as a chosen messenger of God, Prophet Amos remained steadfast in preaching the Word of God and fulfilled his mission.

Through our baptism we are called to be prophets and disciples of Christ in today’s world. Many are the challenges we face in living out our Christian Values. St. Paul tells us that at the end God will accomplish all things according to His will if our Faith remains unchanged. Let us continue to be committed Men and Women of Faith in our SJN community through our works of evangelization and charity.



Fr. Sunny Punnakuziyil, MSFS
Pastor, SJN