Easter Joy

Today we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord! Truth and justice have triumphed and tragedy of the Cross has turned into joy! Imagine the Joy that the women disciples and the Apostles felt when they first met the Risen Lord! Do we experience the same Joy in our hearts today after having observed all our Lenten disciplines and sacrifices? I believe so.

Easter Joy is meant for everyone. For individuals who have undergone a personal renewal by bearing their addictions, for those who have succeeded to come out of their feelings of despair and depression, for couples who have reconciled their troubled marriages, or family members who have resolved a long-standing feud, this Easter certainly brings so much joy in their lives. For those individuals and families who still experience difficulties, the Joy of Easter is a promise Jesus makes to them and the Peace He offers.

Easter is a reminder for us to recognize the presence of the Risen Lord in all we meet today and every day forward.

Happy Easter to all!



Fr. Sunny Punnakuziyil, MSFS
Pastor, SJN