The Weapon of Love

Holy Week recalls the Paschal Mystery of Christ. We begin this journey on Palm Sunday. Jesus is the Suffering Servant described by the Prophet Isaiah in the 1st reading. What happens to Jesus during the Holy week has been best summarized by St. Paul in today’s 2nd Reading. Out of love for us, Jesus humbled himself, suffered and died on the Cross. Therefore, God the father exalted him by raising him from the dead. (Phil 2:6-11)

During His Passion, Jesus had to deal with many types of people. Peter who denied Jesus, Judas who betrayed him, Pilot who handed him over to be crucified, and Caiaphas and the Pharisees who made sure that Jesus was killed. And Jesus effectively
dealt with all of them with only one weapon, that is love. It was this weapon that made him suffer, yet brought a lot of change in others. This weapon of love made Peter a Martyr. It made Pilot to be aware of the Truth. Though Love makes us suffer, it makes our own lives and that of others meaningful!

This Holy Week let us grab every opportunity to be effective instruments of love in our families and in our society.

Wish you all a prayerful Holy Week!



Fr. Sunny Punnakuziyil, MSFS
Pastor, SJN