Reconcilation - Confesiones


8:00-8:45 am & 3:45-4:45 pm
OR by appointment.


Sábados 3:45 - 4:45 PM en Inglés y español. También se puede llamar para concertar una cita.

If you have ever wondered how to make a good confession, Fr. Mike Schmitz has some solid advice for you. He points out that preparing for a good confession starts when we recognize that being a "good person” in our own eyes is not enough—we are called to holiness, which is something much greater. In this video, Fr. Mike offers four powerful ways we can examine our consciences so that our experience of reconciliation moves us towards that holiness to which we are called. Please watch the following video from "Ascension Presents".

Guidelines For First Reconciliation & First Communion

2nd- 5th Grade Student Preparation for First Reconciliation

will be given during the weekly PSR Class.



1) First Reconciliation Parent Meeting – Sunday, Sept. 17th, 9:40-10:50 in room 4, or Wednesday, Sept. 20th, 6:30- 7:45 in room 4

2) First Reconciliation Parent Teaching- Wednesday, Oct. 11th, 6:30-7:45 room 4 in English and room 1 in Spanish

3) First Reconciliation Preparation Retreat for Students - Saturday, Oct. 28th from 8:45am-12pm

 3) Reception of the Sacrament of First Reconciliation- November 27th , 6:30-8:30

2nd-5th Grade Student Preparation for First Communion

will be given during the weekly PSR Class.



1)   First Communion Parent Meeting – Sunday, January 7th, 9:40-10:50, room 4, or Wednesday, January 10th, 6:30-7:45, room 4

2)    First Communion Parent Teaching- Wednesday, February 28th, 6:30-7:45, room 4 in English, room 1 in Spanish

 3)   First Communion Preparation Retreat for Students - Saturday, April 21st from 8:45am-12pm

4)    First Communion Rehearsal- Friday, May 4th, 6:30-7:30

 5)   Reception of the Sacrament of First Communion with class on Saturday, May 5th at 11am



Because regular attendance is vital to the understanding and appreciation of these sacraments, we ask for your diligence in bringing your children to class and the retreats. Any class absences or missed requirements (including those for parents) must be made up. The Church treasures these Sacraments and has the Divine mission to prepare the hearts of the faithful for them.