Registration Closed

Registration for 2017-2018 is closed. 

Those of you who are already registered, see information below for events.

If you are interested in Registering for the 2018-2019 School Year, take a look at the general guidelines further down.

Confirmation 2017-2018 Prep News & Events

F-M 6/2-5 Summer Prep Program Option A
F-M 6/23-26 Summer Prep Program Option B
Sun. 7/30 Presentation Mass (5pm) and Sponsor Meeting (Following Mass in Reynolds Hall)
Wed. 9/20 Legacy Confirmation Class
Fri. 12/22 Service Hours Due
F-Sun 1/12-14 Confirmation Retreat (Camp Covecrest)
Fri, 1/26 Confirmation Rehearsal (6:30pm; Sanctuary)
Sun, 1/28 Confirmation Mass (5pm Mass; 3:30 Report Time for Candidates; 4:15 Sponsors)

Youth Confirmation

Archdiocesan Expectations

The Archdiocese of Atlanta has three primary expectations for reception of Confirmation:

1.  The Archdiocese has designated the 10th grade as the earliest ordinary age for Confirmation.

2.  Archdiocesan policy expects candidates to complete two years of foundational religious education.  (See Below for specific information)

3.  Candidates must enroll in a standalone Confirmation program to be eligible to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.  (See Below for how St. John Neumann implements its standalone program)

Foundational Religious Education

These two years must be completed from 6th grade onward.  If a student has only one year prior to their 10th grade year, then they may still enroll in the Standalone Confirmation Program, but they will be expected to attend all Sunday Life Teen events.  Qualifying religious education can be attained through:

  • Edge (grades 6-8)
  • Life Teen (grades 9-12)
  • Approved home school program (grades 6+)
  • Catholic school (grades 6+)

St. John Neumann must be able to verify attendance with the Church or School if the two years of religious education were not attained through Edge or Life Teen at St. John Neumann.  St. John Neumann church will also need to verify attendance at St. John Neumann Regional School.

Standalone Confirmation Program

This program is available to all 10th - 12th grade students who have completed two years of foundational religious education (or one year, but attend all Life Teen Sunday events during their Confirmation year).  As part of the standalone Confirmation Program, attendance at the events for the program are expected to be the priority for families and Candidates above all extra-curricular activities.  Please communicate these dates to the relevant coaches/teachers/directors as soon as they are made available to you.

The events include:

  • Parent Meeting, DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED; 6:30pm Reynolds Hall
  • One of Two options for a week-long summer program at St. John Neumann.
    • DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED (Sunday 2pm-8pm; Monday-Wednesday 1pm-6pm)
    • DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED (Sunday 2pm-8pm; Monday-Wednesday 10am-3pm)
  • The Presentation Mass, 5pm, DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED.
  • A Sponsor Meeting, after 5pm Mass, DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED.
  • A class on Sponsors and Saints which takes place roughly halfway through the Fall Semester.  You will be notified at the parent meeting.
  • The Confirmation retreat, rehearsal, and Mass, which typically take place in January. DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED

In addition to these events, Candidates are expected to remain faithful participants in the Catholic Church.  Candidates should:

  • Attend Sunday Mass (or Saturday Vigil Mass) each week.
  • Receive Reconciliation within a month of Confirmation.
  • Complete 5 hours of service from the summer-December before the January they are Confirmed.
  • Select a Confirmation Saint and provide a small research paper (at least a page) on the Life of the Saint and why they selected that Saint.
  • Work with their Sponsors on a regular basis.

Registration for the Confirmation Program

Registration for Confirmation is conducted through our Religious Education registration process.  DATE FOR REGISTRATION TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Our High School Youth Ministry

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