"Lord, Save me"

“Be not afraid”, says the Lord in today’s Gospel. All three Scripture readings for this Sunday portray persons who were afraid at some points in their lives. In the 1st reading (1Kgs.19) we see the Prophet Elijah afraid of his enemy Jezebel the wife of Ahab and hides himself in a cave on Mount Horeb. In the 2nd reading (Rom.9:1-5) St. Paul expresses his frustration and worry over Israel’s unbelief and rejection of Jesus Christ. In the Gospel, we see the frightened Peter crying out to Jesus, “Lord, save me!”

Whenever people called on the name of the Lord, He came to their rescue. Fear and doubt can weaken our Faith and disconnect us from God. There are occasions in life where “the winds are against” us. Keeping our gaze fixed on Jesus is very important for not getting drowned in the storms of life. As long as Peter kept his focus on the Lord, all went well. But the moment his attention got deviated by the waves and the wind, he began to sink.

When trials and problems drown us, our prayer should be that of Peter, “Lord, Save me.”

Fr. Sunny Punnakuziyil, MSFS

Pastor, SJN