Hospitality abounds within SJN

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hospitality was one of the great virtues of the Bible. The people of the Old Testament believed that each person should be welcomed as though one were welcoming God himself. In the first reading today, A woman welcomed the Prophet Elisha and provided him with food and shelter. In return, the prophet promised her and her husband with a son in their old age.

Jesus moves this virtue of hospitality into Christian times in today’s Gospel, “Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me.” Hospitality is far more than being a good host in a dinner party. It means recognizing the presence of God in others, especially in those whom we least expect. Whoever gives even if only a cup of cold water to the little ones, he will surely not lose his reward.

Hospitality is an essential component of an Amazing Parish Community. Here in SJN, we welcome everyone to join us in worship and be a part of our parish family. We have several volunteers who are sharing their time and talent in various ministries of hospitality. It stretches beyond our Sunday Worship to those who are needy, sick, hungry, homeless and lonely around us. Hospitality demands putting God and neighbor before oneself.

I thank all those who selflessly serve in different ministries of hospitality in our parish.

Fr. Sunny Punnakuziyil, MSFS

Pastor, SJN