Grow More in My Trust in God

The 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Scripture readings for this Sunday invite us not to worry but to trust in the providence of God. In the 1st Reading, through the prophet Isaiah, God speaks to us, “Can a mother forget her infant?...Even should she forget, I will never forget you.” (Is. 49:15) In the Gospel, Jesus urges us not to worry. By saying this, Jesus is not advocating a thriftless, reckless or thoughtless attitude to life; rather He is forbidding worries and fears which take away all the joy out of your life. Too much worrying about the future hampers your efforts for today.

I decided to “worry less” this weekend about the parish concerns and spend sometime instead with the “Missionaries of the Poor” in Jamaica! As a missionary priest, it has always been my passion to work among the poor. In my missionary journey, both in India and in the Philippines, I have had many opportunities to encounter the Providence of God, who continues to provide for the poor and the orphans through the generosity of people. Our SJN parishioners have been very generous in sharing with the MOP. I hope to grow more in my trust in God through my experience with the MOP brothers and the hundreds of residents they take care of every day.

Please keep our SJN Mission team going to Jamaica in your prayers. You are always in my prayers.

Fr. Sunny Punnakuziyil, MSFS

Pastor, SJN