Our Own Transfiguration

2nd Sunday of Lent

Abraham put his full trust in God’s promises and was willing to offer the ultimate sacrifice of thanksgiving, the gift of his only son Isaac. This sacrifice prefigures the sacrifice of Jesus who died for us all. In His transfiguration, Jesus discloses a suffering Messiahship.

Peter, James and John, had a close encounter with the “Divine person” of Jesus when He transfigured before them upon the mountain. The transfiguration experience was intended to strengthen the faith of the Apostles who had doubts about Jesus’ impending Passion and Death. Peter at first didn’t want Jesus to die on the Cross. By revealing His Divine Nature before them, Jesus showed them a glimpse of Heaven! But first, they had to go down with Jesus in order to climb up another mountain, the Mount Calvary where Jesus would die on the cross. The message for us today is that there is no Crown without the Cross, there is no glory without suffering.

At the transfiguration, the Apostles heard the voice from heaven, “This is my beloved Son, listen to him.” When they really listened to Jesus, they began to understand the true meaning of suffering and cross. Like the Apostles we too face crisis of faith often in our lives, especially when confronted with trials and sufferings. In such moments we have to listen to Jesus in prayer in order to understand the meaning of suffering, which would eventually lead us to our own transformation and glory.

Fr. Sunny Punnakuziyil, MSFS

Pastor, SJN